Nurturing mental strength for happier families, work places & you.

Is stress impacting your health and relationships?

Mental toughness and stress reduction program to improve your health, relationships and job performance.

Expecting your baby?

Joyful pregnancy program bringing positive thinking, reduce stress and optimal baby development.

Want to be a champion at school and at play?

Champion mindset program for students to achieve success with enjoyment.

Feeling helpless, isolated or loss of control?

Depression and anxiety recovery through measured outcomes.

Emotionally exhausted by being a care-giver?

Recoup and rejuvenate program for balancing caring for yourself while caring for someone else.

Going through chronic pain?

Pain healing program for enhancing tolerance through holistic approach to recovery.

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Every one of us want best things to happen in life making us successful, rich, happy and healthy. As life progress, we experience many kinds of challenges very often. We respond differently to each of the challenge. Few with feeling of control and some with feelings of inadequacy, incapability and can’t do attitude. These feelings of loss of control causes stress, performance anxiety, loneliness, peer pressure, relationship strains etc., causing emotional hurt, rejection, pain, loss or failure. And in no time, it starts limiting our performance in every area of our life.
Being successful in every area of life needs being resilient and have I CAN attitude for any challenges. It requires learning and practising new coping resources and habits to push yourself to grow stronger, to maintain realistic optimism and to set healthy boundaries for yourself, to heal from past distress and build mental strength to face any kind of new challenges with the feelings of being in control.
Mental strength is a collection of attributes that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge successful, without losing confidence and feelings of being in control.
How does nSmiles help?
nSmiles provides practical solutions to increase the mental strength using evidence based techniques to achieve the goals that are important to you. The techniques and personalised solutions, will help in move from fixed mind set to growth mind set along with strengthening your mind, improving concentration and calming your mind for you to have success in every area of your life – education, health, work, relationships and over all well being.
What are the signs of mentally strong individuals?
Mentally strong individuals have enhanced capacity to deal with stressful situations, feel confident to face any challenge or crisis, face fears that hold them back, accept themselves for who they are - while simultaneously recognising their need for personal development, feel strong and nothing to worry or fear when others do well or better than themselves without feelings of jealousy or insecurity, have endurance to preserve for longer times without giving up, express gratitude, don’t try to hide weakness but invest their energy in improving their shortcomings.
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