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Feeling low self-esteem or low on confidence?

Discover the causes, its current impact and ways for you to achieve higher self-esteem and confidence.

Having trouble in relationships, every time?

Discover your blockers and build strong, connected relationships.

Not sure if you need help?

Measure your mental health conditions and know if help required and type of help.

Worried about impact of stress on your health?

Measure current stress levels, lifestyle impact and improve your wellbeing.

Concerned about your career performance?

Measure your job satisfaction, motivations and ways to enhance your performance.

Worried about your current home environment?

Know factors affecting and create a happy and safe home.

Something stopping you from being yourself?

Discover whats stopping, understand ways to be the real you and get more friends.

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How it works?
Chronic Stress is proven cause for many chronic conditions, such as depression and cardiovascular disease and often makes existing illnesses worse.
Chronic stress arises when an individual has difficulty in adjusting with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Recognising and making desired lifestyle changes before chronic diseases set in can lead to a happy and healthy life, saving lots of money and the trauma associated with it.
How we help?
Start by taking the assessment designed for your lifestyle. Understand the areas that needs changes to avoid the risk of falling ill. Get expert guidance on better ways you can handle your challenges and make those desired lifestyle changes. Get self-help tools to help you achieve your goals faster.
What it costs?
The Self Assessment kit along with a 30 min expert consultation on the areas that are of importance to you costs much less than a pizza or a visit to beauty parlour. The self help tools that you can use at the time of your need is free of cost. It takes 15 mins to complete the assessment in complete privacy and schedule appointment with an expert at a mutually agreed time preferably over phone.
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